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FP School Mangement Suites

  • Instant Access to Information at any Point in Time to Aid Management Decisions
  • Efficient Students’ Personal Bio-Data Record Management
  • On Screen Photographs of Student
  • Efficient Student Academic Performance Tracking
  • Efficient and Timely End-of-Term Reports Processing
  • Efficient Academic Performance History Tracking 
  • Teachers’ – Subjects/Class Management 
  • Data Security & Audit Trail
  • Flexibility & Interconnectivity
  • Customizable Reports & Queries
  • Efficient Data Backup & Restore Facility
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FP Fee Manager 

  • FP Fee Manager is designed to help you with fees administration in your school. A proper management of school fees is a must for any school administration. FP Fee Manager helps you to define your own fee heads and discounts that can be applied to individual, class or whole school.
  • Now you need not to worry about maintaining paper work for years or issuing hand written fee receipts. FP Fee Manager helps you take control over school fees with an ease.
  • By maintaining fees with FP Fee Manager you get access to various reports that you can issue whenever desired. For example, you can print names of students who have not paid their fees.