• FP School Management Suite
  • Instant Access to Information at any Point in Time to Aid Management Decisions
  • Efficient Students’ Personal Bio-Data Record Management
  • On Screen Photographs of Student
  • Efficient Student Academic Performance Tracking
  • Efficient and Timely End-of-Term Reports Processing
  • Efficient Academic Performance History Tracking
  • Teachers’ – Subjects/Class Management
  • Data Security & Audit Trail
  • Flexibility & Interconnectivity
  • Customizable Reports & Queries
  • Efficient Data Backup & Restore Facility
  • Help
  • FP Fees Manager
  • Fees Manager is designed to help you with fees administration in your school. 
  • Proper management of school fees is a must for any school administration. 
  • FP Fees Manager helps you to define your own fee heads and discounts that can be applied to individual, class or whole school. 
  • Now you need not to worry about maintaining paper work for years or issuing hand written fee receipts. 
  • FP Fees Manager helps you take control over school fees with an ease. 
  • By maintaining fees with FP Fees Manager you get access to various reports that you can issue whenever desired.

  • FP e-Result
  • Increases parents participation

    Increases teachers productivity

    Improves results due to better parent monitoring & understanding

    Sends electronic report cards to parents email addresses

    Reduces stationary cost due to non printing of report cards

    More productive use of the open day